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Offer your guests lower prices than any booking services before. Provide them with concierge services via mobile application.

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Secure & cheaper booking

Secure & cheaper booking

Travely offers a new, time-saving booking experience. Your guests can easily book a stay via the app. They are provided with a secure and direct booking tool and the best prices on the market!

The ultimate concierge

Provide your guests with premium services thanks to the modern, mobile concierge. Now they can connect with the reception desk from anywhere to ask for anything they need. Comfortably and quickly, via the app.


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  • Hello! We are very pleased that you've decided to make a booking at Amanda Sky Hotel. Now we can move on to the next step: choosing of payment mathod. Shall we?
  • Hi! Yes sure. Let's continue.

with your staff & guests

Unlike any other travel tool, Travely allows the guests to chat with the reception. But the possibilities go beyond that – they can also use the app to network with other guests!


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Save time and connect with your guests on a new level. Offer them cheaper booking, concierge services, and networking possibilities!