About Us

Travely is an opportunity to save time and make travels easier for both hotel / home owners as well as the guests.

The application allows the guests to make a direct and secure booking, enjoying the lowest possible prices. During their stay, they can easily connect with the reception and other guests. Booking easier and cheaper, full concierge functionality, and a networking tool – all in one app.

Direct booking

Direct booking increases the security and saves time. Your guests can book more and quicker thanks to the user-friendly design.

Best booking prices

Travely offers lower booking prices than any other travel platform or application which makes it unmatched on the market. There are no commissions to be paid. You can also offer regular clients special discounts.

Concierge services

Provide your guests premium concierge services thanks to Travely. The application allows them to order a taxi, a table at the restaurant or make any other request they need. All done comfortably via the app.

Easy chatting

Travely allows your guests to chat with the reception, even before the arrival. This is a unique functionality – not provided by any other travel tool or platform. The guests can ask the reception any questions about their stay. A time-saving solution for the hotel staff and the customers.

Sharing & networking

Even before the booking, your guests can chat with others to get an opinion about your hotel/home. Upon the arrival, the application will allow them to network with other guests. The customers can use this opportunity to make business contacts or simply meet new people.

Privacy & safety

The users can communicate with other hotel/home guests privately – without displaying any personal data like email address or phone number. Travely also allows them to easily block undesirable contacts.

Exploring city life

Are there any interesting events nearby? Your guests will know! Because Travely will display events and venues around the hotel that they might like.

Free of charge

Your guests can use Travely for free. No commissions, no hidden costs.